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RML video on Oct. 26, 2016


Humankind and Internet
A person has nerve system, over which body parts can communicate each other. If whole humankind is compared to a person, then internet can be compared to the person's nerve system. A person's nerve system has its growing process, internet also has its growing process.

Internet growing is now in the initial stage for years. It seems that internet is created by humankind and its growing and running can be manipulated by humankind, but in fact, internet's emerging and growing are driven by natural laws beyond humankind control, can hardly be regulated by humankind's will.

humankind and internet, it is interesting to think about and discuss over this big and complex topic, isn't it?

人类与互联网,思考和讨论这个庞大而复杂的话题是很有趣的, 不是吗?


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Humankind can hardly control Internet