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RML video on Nov. 31, 2016

This website is a platform for people worldwide to share original materials / ideas on topic of humankind with others.

To get a membership, please check these 3 points:

1, English is the working language of this website, you should have the ability to communicate in English fluently & effectively. It is required that you can use English to understand others and express yourself at a cross-culture environment.

2, You are interested in subjects on humankind, and willing to share your own materials / ideas.

3, You should submit at least one self-made video, the video should have subtitles in both English and your mother tongue, and your own speaking movie reading these subtitles. Resolution is 640px*480px or above, with clearly recognizable face portrait and voice of yourself. The content can be a story, a joke, an idiom, a self-introduction, an idea, etc., anything you feel suitable. If English is your mother tongue, and you are fluent in a second language, it is highly appreciated for you to apply the second language in the video. If it is difficult for you to integrate subtitles into video, you can write on paper, and show it together with your face when you speak. Make sure the video is originally and particularly made for this website

After composing your video, please upload and share it via a third-party server, welcome to contact me anytime!


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